Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Family Affair

The picture you see above was posted on Facebook yesterday by my mom's youngest sister, Marcie, along with a request to forward her birthday wish to the last Facebook holdout in America.  Her message read, Happy birthday, Gloria, I wish you were technology-connected so you could SEE this post.  But I'm sure one of your 21st century children/grandchildren will let you know.  I love you sister ♥

Do you remember the days when you sent birthday cards by snail mail before a person's actual birthday so it would arrive on time?  Or when the only way to reach a person was on their land line?  Remember that odd-looking device plugged in to a wall by a short chord that everyone shared?  The surprise for me is how two sisters who look alike and even dress alike can be so different when it comes to their communication preferences.  They are as far apart as Nancy Pelosi and that woman from Alaska who looks like Tina Fey.

Some of you may be thinking, which sister is right?  Sorry — I learned a long time ago not to take sides, especially when it comes to two sisters who love each other so dearly.  Mom makes a good point when she says, "I want to see people face-to-face."  And Aunt Marcie demonstrates how modern technology helps us stay connected.  Perhaps the ideal solution is somewhere in the middle.

Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments section below.  And if you leave my mother a birthday wish on this blog, I will call her on her land line and deliver it for you.  That's what I call a family affair.


Marcie Rupcich said...

Very cute, Michael! Yes I do love modern technology....without it I wouldn't get those lovely long letters via e-mail from your Uncle Victor...who rarely picked up an actual pen to write in the past. And the computer posts on Facebook, Instagram and e-mail enable me to see family pictures, comments and daily joys that I wouldn't otherwise get to experience. That's how I discover family graduations, photos and instant excitement that I know would never know about....since the $.45 postage stamps prevents most people from communicating by mail these days.
But I too still belong to the "Romantic Generation" of people who love to get an actual handwritten letter, card or thank you in the mail. That's why your mom did receive a loving birthday greeting by mail as well. To take the time to plan ahead, write personal greetings & thank yous, and drive to the post office to mail them is a sacrifice of love that can never be replaced.
PS - Apparently the newer generation only knows how to "text" as well. Even with voice mail it seems that the only way to get a hold of your children these days is texting. The art of answering the phone seems to also have gotten lost too.

Michael Mulligan said...

Great points, Aunt Marcie. Thanks for adding your thoughts to the conversation. My mom was really happy when I read your birthday wishes to her. Hope you have a great weekend. Love, your nephew, Michael.