Monday, October 21, 2013

What's In Your Foundation?

One of the greatest challenges my wife and I experienced was renovating our California home.   Our house was built on top of a hill and the slope in the backyard was steep.  We hired an expert to help us with the construction.  He advised us that the foundation was the most important part of the process.  We had to dig deep and to make sure our expansion would remain on solid ground.

When your life is built on shaky ground you never know when you might slip and lose everything.  It's important to drill deep and secure everything that's important to you so that you can withstand the storms when they strike with little or no warning.

My faith is my foundation.  As long as my foundation is intact, I know I'm safe.  And the most important of my foundation is the cornerstone.  Jesus is my cornerstone.  Everything important to me is tied to the cornerstone.  It's a great feeling knowing there is nothing in this world that can damage my foundation.  How about you?  What's in your foundation?  Please share your comments below.  Thanks for visiting today.

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