Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Benefits of Evil

Have you ever heard someone argue it is impossible for a loving God to exist when there is so much evil in the world?  I believe the opposite -- the existence of evil is necessary for a loving God to exist.  Imagine what life would be like if there was only one football team, one political party or one religion.  Without evil, there is no conflict.  No contrast.  No free will.  Here are the benefits of evil:
  1. Evil cannot hide.  When you follow the paper trail, everything points to bad choices and wrong turns.  Evil provides the road map leading us away from all that is good.  Avoid these perilous roads and you will find all that is good.
  2. Evil is like a barometer.  It tells us what is ahead.  The more it rises, the closer we are to the climax.  
  3. Evil uses dirty tricks to fool its followers.  Injured players are carted off the field believing their life is over due to the consequences of their actions.  When these players go through rehab and recover from their injuries, they discover free agency and find new life.  These reformed players who come from the dark side teach us the best lessons about evil.
  4. Evil is God's best cheerleader.  It may be pretty good at tempting others to follow, however, when the fans are wallowing in misery, the other side looks like the better team.
  5. Evil provides us with a choice.  It offers a band wagon for those who prefer to go in a different direction.  When the wheels start falling off the cart headed for Hell, disgruntled fans can switch teams.  God's bandwagon is for followers who believe in winners and everyone is welcome.

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