Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Why is it so easy for us to identify everyone's weaknesses but our own?  It's like my vision.  I now need eyeglasses to see things up close but have no trouble seeing things clearly that are far away.  One day I asked the Holy Spirit to be my eyeglasses -- to give me 20/20 vision.  I discovered how out of focus my farsightedness was.  The close-up image I saw in the mirror was frightening.  I was stunned.  It was too late to give back the eyeglasses.  Not even blindness could erase the picture I saw of myself the day my vision changed.  It was like looking at an X-ray of my own lungs and discovering they were riddled with cancer.  That's when the "buts" start spewing:  "But I don't smoke!  But the person in the mirror is an imposter! But these eyeglasses aren't working!"

Then come the maybe statements: "Maybe the person in the mirror does look a little like me.  Maybe I do have trouble with farsightedness.  Maybe I need to get my life in better focus."

The stage I'm at now is acceptance.  I am accountable for the man in the mirror.  I accept who I am.  I am at peace.  My advice to anyone who has trouble with their spiritual vision is to recommend my ophthalmologist, the Holy Spirit.  He will help you see yourself the way God sees you.  You will know your eyesight is fully functional when you develop triple vision -- the ability to see Jesus in yourself, your friends, and your enemies.

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