Sunday, November 11, 2012

Life After Surrender

There was only one problem with the barricade I erected around my heart.  There was a small opening in the rooftop just big enough for an under-sized angel to exploit.  She peered in through the trap door.  Her radiant blue eyes disarmed me. I was hypnotized.  The white flag of surrender was my only option.  It was time to stop fighting and leave the trenches.  She escorted me out of my foxhole and we marched off the battlefield.  I was destined to be her P.O.L. -- Prisoner of Love... until death.   Here is what my life is like after surrender:
  1. I believe God reveals Himself in under-sized angels.  They are disguised as humans, but they are Heaven-sent; they are here to teach us about how much God loves us.
  2. Surrender to love provides peace.  I no longer live in a war zone.  There is nothing to fight against.  There are no enemies.  What I do have is a family I love with all my heart.
  3. Every day I have a choice to make.  I choose to fly the white flag of surrender above my home, no matter where that home may be.  This flag means I surrender everything I have to my God and my family.  I am here to serve.  I am not a prisoner.  I am a free man.  The truth is that I was incarcerated while living in my foxhole until my angel freed me from my old life.  Her love potion changed me.  I'm a believer in white flags.
If you find yourself living in a war zone, may this blog be like a rainbow lighting up the sky above the trenches you are hiding in.  Love is not meant to be your foe.  Wrap the key to your heart inside the white flag of surrender and hoist it high for the angels to see.  Love will unexpectedly creep into your foxhole.  Here is your best response: "I surrender."

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