Friday, November 16, 2012

God's Empathy

Even before you were born, God knew every choice you would make.  He felt the consequences of your actions or lack of actions.  He knows you perfectly.  The further you stray from His plans for your life, the more intense your doubts become.  Why is it important to know God has empathy for you?  Consider these ideas:
  1. While there may be people in this world with the gift of empathy, the only one who understands you perfectly is God.  He knows exactly how you feel and only He knows the perfect solution for your circumstances.
  2. Most troubles come from a broken relationship with God.  Who would send their only Son to die for our sins so that these broken relationships can be healed?  Only a God who understands us perfectly -- who loves us perfectly.
  3. God knows perfectly how you feel when you look at yourself and you see a caterpillar.  He already knows how you will feel when you become a butterfly.  He also knows how you will feel when you go through the intermediate steps -- the pain of isolation, the sense of disorientation, the feeling of abandonment.  He promises to be with you every step of the way.
  4. God will not force you to become a butterfly.  He will watch over you as you inch along on the ground; He will wait for you to look up and ask, "is there anyone out there who understands what I'm feeling?"
  5. Jesus is the ultimate example.  Before He could fly, He had to fall down.  He endured humiliation.  He suffered rejection.  His death was agonizing.  He was placed in a cocoon for three days before the transformation was complete and He gained the ability to fly.  He did this because He trusted His Father's plans for you.  He trusted His Father's empathy for you.  He knew He could be the perfect example for you to follow.  And He did this because He and His Father love you, perfectly.
Who are you going to trust on your journey?  My recommendation is to go with the One who has perfect empathy for you.

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