Monday, November 19, 2012

How to Become Wise

Day 1.  I prayed for wisdom.  God sent me a race track filled with hurdles.  Then He said, "run."  The first day didn't go very well.  My leg clipped the first hurdle and I hit the ground hard.  No more hurdles today, I thought while limping home with two bloody knees and a bruised ego.

Day 2.  I repeated my request for wisdom.  Before I could blink, I was back on the race track in a sea of hurdles.  The same voice roared like a lion.  "Run!"  I responded like an obedient Forrest Gump and sped right into the first hurdle, bouncing around like those dummies they use when crash testing new automobiles.  Stupid is as stupid does, I thought while staring at Heaven from underneath the menacing hurdle.  Final score after day two -- hurdles 2, fool 0.

Day 3.  No more prayers for wisdom.  I was done with hurdles.  That's when I discovered wisdom is not just about hurdles -- it's more like a decathlon.  Long story short, I spent the next three decades long jumping dangerous ravines, pole vaulting over challenges, and spearing troubles with my javelin.  I became a master of hurdles, my new best friend.  The scar on my right knee cap is my daily reminder wisdom is not cheap.

Today.  I feel like Tom Hanks in Cast Away.  I'm ready to leave the island, no longer a prisoner of my own foolishness.  For those brave souls who pray for wisdom, I offer one word of advice -- Run!

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