Friday, November 9, 2012


We have much in common with the moon.  Sometimes, we shine to our full potential, like a sailboat at full mast.  Other times, earthly things get in our way and block the light we reflect to the world.  When it comes to reflecting God's light, I think of Carly Simon singing Nobody Does It Better, from The Spy Who Loved Me.  I picture Jesus, the Son of God, reflecting the light from His Father.  His moonlight is always full.  He reflects His Father's image perfectly.

There are times in my life when my own moonlight is barely visible to others.  I admit, sometimes I have trouble seeing a full moon in some of the people around me.  My challenge is to look to Jesus as the perfect example.  It's a mystery how the Father and the Son join together to be the light of the world.  The Holy Spirit is with us, especially during eclipses, to help us feel the light at all times.

Do your best to reflect your moonlight to the world.  There are those who live on the dark side of the moon.  They do not know the Son.  You may be the only light they see.  Show them a full moon and don't forget to tell them about the source of your light.

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