Sunday, November 18, 2012

How to be a Winner at Love

If your love is like a bank account, what is your balance?  What kind of maintenance fees do you pay?  Do you ever find yourself overdrawn on your account?  If you want to be a winner at love, try these investment ideas:
  1. Avoid short-term investments.  Love needs a long-term plan.  Marriage shows your commitment to a solid portfolio.
  2. In order for love to work, you must be willing to deposit more than you withdraw.  When both parties share this philosophy, there is a high yield.
  3. Make a commitment to invest daily in your love account.  You put your account at risk if you are taking more than you are giving and you may end up with a closed account.
  4. Beware of excessive fees and hidden charges.  These show up when you fail to monitor your account.  
  5. Honor your bad checks immediately.  Winners admit their mistakes.  If you find yourself overdrawn on love, fix it.  Find out how you made the error and avoid blaming anyone else on your joint account.  Promise to communicate better so you are able to keep your account in good standing.
Love is intangible.  It can be hard to find and easy to lose.  Do your best to treat it with dignity and respect.  Be a philanthropist and give it away without thinking about what your rate of return may be.  You will find wealth beyond measure and you will die rich.

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