Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Inescapable Thoughts

Your thoughts have the legs of a marathoner.  You may be able to sprint away from them for a while, however, they will follow you like a shadow.  No matter how long you put them on hold, they won't hang up.  Your thoughts are what dreams are made of.  If you try to bury them, they will haunt you from the grave every night when you try to sleep.  Today's blog is dedicated to your hopes and dreams.  Consider these five points as seeds waiting to be planted:
  1. Your dreams have something important to say.  Pay attention to them and they will inspire you to live a life only you are created to live.  They are your road map.  Your thoughts will be your GPS navigation system for your life.
  2. Your hopes are part of your DNA.  You can't escape who you really are, a child of God.  There is a plan for you disguised as your deepest desires.  Look inside yourself and ask, "what is my purpose?"
  3. Thoughts are more powerful than roadblocks.  Listen to them and believe in them.  Stop focusing on the hurdles and concentrate on your dreams.
  4. When your thoughts knock on your door, welcome them into your home and spend quality time with them.  They will lead you to your destiny.
  5. A dream can only come true if it is nurtured daily.  Treat it like a precious plant.  Once it sprouts, remember to give it sunlight and water.  Don't ever let a dream die, no matter the conditions around you.  A day will come when your plant will bloom like no other in the universe.  Your thoughts are what dreams are made of, they are your hopes for a life well-lived.
Many people think there are only two responses to thoughts -- fight or flight.  You have a third option -- embrace.  The fool tries to flee from his thoughts while the wise man gathers them up and plants them in his garden.  He watches over them like an expectant mother and he delivers them no matter how much pain he must endure.  Then he patiently cultivates his thoughts until they reach maturity.

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