Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Writing Journey

I can relate to the blind squirrel who finds a nut once in a while.  Those who are around me in the writing world are still trying to figure out my zany methods for putting books together.  Who in their right mind puts a time target out there for a book before the first memoir is even completed?  And who markets books before they are written?  There are probably a few other writers out there just as crazy as me, however, I've never met one who shares his or her journey on a daily basis during the writing process.

For me, writing is like playing in a sandbox.  Everyone is invited to join me as I search for nuts while blindfolded.  I'm not using my eyes to find the chapters.  It's easier to write from my heart.  It's like Luke Skywalker from Star Wars.  There is a force guiding me.  I can't see it but it helps me find the nuts buried in the sandbox.  It would be easier to find the nuts with my eyes but I would only see the ones on the surface.   The other four senses are needed to discover the nuts hidden underground.  Writing is a process that involves creating a gourmet meal with no recipe.

Thomas Edison made the light bulb functional by first discovering all the ways light bulbs don't work.  His school teacher called him "addled," meaning confused or mixed up.  This ended his three years of official schooling.  He went on to apply for over 1,000 patents, publish and distribute his own paper, the Grand Trunk Herald, and founded what is now General Electric.  His teacher saw a kid who was wasting time playing in a sandbox.  His mother saw a visionary who could find nuts while blindfolded.

No.  I'm not claiming to be a Thomas Edison.  I'm a blind squirrel searching for nuts in a public sandbox.  I promise to deliver a heart-felt story that transcends time and space once I find all the missing nuts and add them to the recipe.  The timer is set and my story will be served in 466 days.  Thanks for stopping by.

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