Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Latest Google Plus Sandbox Toy

If you have a gift to share with the world and you're not using my latest sandbox toy, Google + for businesses, you're are missing out on one the biggest cyberspace tools ever invented... and it's FREE!

Google + for individuals has only been around for about five months and it already has millions of users.  Yesterday, I saw this button on my Google Plus page that offered a free page for businesses.  I created a page for promoting my books in about fifteen minutes.  It's a great way for songwriters, authors, artists, small business owners and hobbyists to connect with the world.

Want to be part of my caveman network?  Click on the link to my new author talk page and then create yours.  Don't forget to invite me to be a part of your circle so you can get some free advertising.  I'm going to start a new circle just for people who follow this blog and want to connect with my friends.  Anyone who joins my network will be invited to future hangouts.   Here's the link...

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