Saturday, December 3, 2011

Change the Light Bulb

Changing light bulbs can be bothersome.  They come in so many different sizes and when they burn out, you have to remember to get the right replacement or live in the dark.

Our souls are like light bulbs.  For some of us, the light bulb burned out in our childhood due to some kind of catastrophe.  At first, maybe we missed the light but that memory faded and we got used to living with a burned out bulb.  Darkness became normal.  We associated with others who lived in darkness because we felt comfortable.  Will these friends behave like vampires if we change the light bulb in their presence?  Are we afraid they will flee and stop being our friends?

Take a look at your light fixtures.  Consider replacing all the burned out bulbs in your life.  Restore broken relationships.  Forgive those who hurt you.  Some of these people may no longer be alive, yet you are still living in darkness because you are holding on to the hurt they caused you.  Letting go of that hurt is as easy as changing the light bulb.

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