Friday, December 16, 2011

The Spirit of Christmas

Many store managers train their employees to say Happy Holidays even when the customers first wish them a Merry Christmas.  There is an effort to eradicate the original meaning of Christmas.  Some may think it's a waste of time to dedicate an entire season to a birthday that happened over 2,000 years ago.

Yes, Christmas started with a birthday.  That was the beginning of something really special for the whole world.  When we prepare for this birthday, we are reminded Christ is coming back.  Removing His name from Christmas or training people to abolish His name when extending a Christmas greeting doesn't change what's ahead.

Are we going to ask the Jews to stop remembering Passover because it may offend people of other faiths or non-faiths?  Are we going to force Muslims to share meals with us at school during their special times of fasting so other kids aren't offended? 

The Spirit of Christmas is meant to be about joyful expectation.  No other individual has conquered death.  Only one God became man.  Choirs of Angels sang on that day.  People of low status gathered around to see this extraordinary event.  When Jesus returns, EVERY knee shall bow.  It all started with a birthday...and it ends with a return visit.  Every man, woman and child will say, "Merry Christmas."  May the spirit of Christmas be with you during this special season and may it remain with you year round.

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