Friday, December 30, 2011

The Greatest Gift

You have been my raincoat during the storm and my rainbow after it passed. ~ Michael Mulligan

The greatest gift you can give another person is love.  It's easy to love the people we care about.  Consider stretching yourself out of your comfort zone and give the gift of love to a stranger, or even an enemy.  Do it when nobody's looking.  Avoid putting conditions on the love you give.  Just give it away and don't expect anything in return.

If you are struggling in the love department, remember this - God loves you, completely, perfectly and without fail.  He loves you even when you don't love yourself.  Unwrap His gift to you.  Share it with others.

Before I sign off this morning, I wanted to give a shout out to all who showed me what real love is all about this past year.  If you supported me as an Angel in the Outfield, signed my guestbook, became a blog follower, purchased my book or sent me an encouraging email, I just want you to know how deeply thankful I am for you.  You have been my raincoat during the storm and my rainbow after it passed.  I felt your angel wings lifting me on days when I was too weary to get up on my own.

Tomorrow's message will be my final story of the year.  Each of these 365 posts was written just for you.  Next year's theme will be faith.  It's impossible to write about faith without talking about this year's  Love gives faith its wings.  It's your favorite frosting on top of your birthday cake.  It's the foundation I will build my life upon.  And I will always remember you, the one who labored with me as we poured the concrete together even when we had no idea what we were building.  If love is your foundation, you will survive even in the worst of storms.  Thanks for lending me a hand this year.  You will be in my heart every day.  I love you ♥ 


JP said...

Thank you for being my suncatcher. The joy in your face when you greet us is incredible. May you continue to reflect that joy.


Michael Mulligan said...

Thank you, Judi. That joy comes from knowing I'm surrounded by incredible people like you who make me feel welcome. Have a Happy New Year.