Friday, December 23, 2011

When Love Fails

Jesus summarized all of His Father's rules with two commands, love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as you love yourself.  The first murder could have been averted had Cain loved his brother.  Every war ever fought is the result of one side failing to love the other side.

I'm guilty of failing to love others.  I remember when hatred and prejudice festered inside me.  I needed to take a long shower and wash away all my anger.  The Holy Spirit provided the soap.  Jesus gave me new clothes.  My life is different today because love does not fail.

My dad always taught me life is a two-way street.  There is give and take in every situation.  Jesus offers a different point of view.  He tells us to love even when others don't love you back.  His ways are not natural for us.  As fallen creatures, we prefer to judge and to hold on to grudges.  It's natural to want to fight when backed into a corner.

When love fails, everything fails.  When we experience the love Jesus has for us and comprehend his deep desire to be in a relationship with us, we view the world differently, even our enemies.  In order to experience real love, you must let go of hatred.  It's not easy, especially if you've been hurt or felt unloved.  Do it anyway.

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