Sunday, December 4, 2011

Finding Inspiration

Another storm appeared out of nowhere the other day.  After the rain clouds passed, I went outside and discovered something in the puddles.  It was inspiration, staring back at me as I viewed my reflection in the pools of water.  I reached down to touch it and it ignited a spark that electrified my whole body.  In my head I could hear new music, a combination of Bach and Beethoven mixed with modern music of our time.  An aroma of sweet flowers drifted in with the light breeze swirling around me.  I memorized each sensation so that I could return to my writing and find the words to match my thoughts.

I don't know how to describe creativity or the inspiration that allows it to appear out of nowhere.  You can't find it with a road map.  It finds you in the midst of the winter storms.  As I look at the chessboard of my life, I now see how each piece has a purpose; each of the five senses plays a role in sharing the vision with you.  Somehow I'm separated from the confines of time and space.  I see the moves that are ahead.  Now it's time to find the words to match this new inspiration that sprouted from the rain clouds.  Today will be a big writing day.  I can't wait to share my next book with you.

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