Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Plot Thickens

The eternal invitation that Christ extends to us all is to live in a state beyond fear, frustration and shame; with our feet firmly on earth and our hearts at home in heaven. The Way through the world is more difficult to find than the way beyond it. ~ Wallace Stevens

A young man from South Korea who grew up as an orphan is my inspiration for today's blog.  At the age of three, Choi Sung-bong was placed in an orphanage.  Two years later, he ran away to escape the beatings.  He lived alone on the streets, selling gum and energy drinks during the day and sleeping in public restrooms and on stairways at night.  Choi educated himself and did not enter a formal school until high school.  He discovered a passion for singing and entered a talent competition.  Ten million viewers have seen him.  This homeless young man overcame many obstacles to share his talent with the world.

I understand what Choi is feeling in his heart.  I have the same passion for writing.  I dream of sharing my books with others and hope I can touch hearts the way this homeless singer did in the video below.

Key elements of the plot came to me as visions throughout the night.  When I shared the most recent revelations with my wife, she told me she sees this book as a movie.  My writing talent is raw and undeveloped.  I will need my team of experienced writers to help refine the plot and polish the story.  It's time to take the pictures I've seen in my head and put those pictures into words.

Here is a YouTube video of Choi sharing his passion with the world.  In 451 days, I will share mine.

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