Saturday, December 17, 2011

Play a New Song

Is your own mind trapping you?  Take a look at the music you listen to every day.  If all you hear is a broken record filled with the blues, maybe it's time to change your tune.  Play a new song.  Let your brain hear some words filled with hope and encouragement.

You may not be able to change the circumstances you are in due to outside influences, however, you always have an opportunity to play a new song with a happy melody.  If you feel like your positive attitude has been incarcerated, please consider today's message your "get out of jail free card."  Tell your brain you aren't going to put up with it's negativity any longer and make today your breakout day.

The video below is done by Steven Sharp Nelson, aka the Piano Guy.  He spices up a piece inspired by Beethoven, entitled Moonlight.  Although my high school piano lessons often crowded out my tennis court time, my piano highlight was learning to play Moonlight Sonata.  Nelson plays this classic in a new way.  May you find your own new songs that inspire you create your own music.

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