Monday, December 5, 2011

Experience Jesus in 3D

     In the last days, God says,
   I will pour out my Spirit on all people.
Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
   your young men will see visions,
   your old men will dream dreams. ~ Acts 2:17

Today's message is a follow-up on yesterday's story about inspiration.   For those of you who found this blog because you are searching for the meaning of 808, you may be interested in my latest revelation.  I spent part of my day yesterday doing research for The Caveman in the Mirror and I found a YouTube video showing the Gospel of Luke done in a foreign language.  It was broken down into separate clips.  The odd part is that the clip showing the boat arriving to meet the caveman ends at exactly 8 minutes and :08 seconds.  I don't always know how things are related.  Every day I learn more about how God is using my number in His plans and how I'm connected to you.  Today's story came to me at 2:00 AM.  Usually, the inspirations are short and I go back to sleep quickly.  This one made me toss and turn for about two hours, disrupting my wife.  As she was preparing for work, I shared my vision.   She was no longer mad at me for causing her to lose some sleep.  Here's what I saw in my dream...

Experiencing Jesus in 3D is like going to a movie theater with all the latest bells and whistles.  I'm referring to seats that shake when there's lots of action in the film.  And smells that shoot out from behind.  The 3D glasses are needed to get the full effect.  When Jesus extends His hand to touch you, you actually feel Him while you are sitting in your seat.  At the end of the movie, you want to go out and tell everyone you know about your experience.  Some get it and some don't.  How can that be?

Those who don't show interest in Jesus can be divided into two categories, those who are afraid everything about Jesus is a lie and those who are afraid everything about Jesus is true.  If it's a lie, then seeing a movie about Him is a waste of time.  If it's the truth, then the atheist has to change.  By avoiding the movie, those in the latter category can maintain their non-belief in Jesus.

If we look at the screen play from God's point of view, we comprehend the script and all the characters involved.  Only the Father knows when the movie actually ends.  He sent Jesus to be the main character.  In the first half of the script, certain people called prophets got to have an advance screening.  Their reviews actually became part of the Old Testament.  Because they only saw parts of the movie, they limited the reviews for one target audience, the Jews.  Critics attacked the Jews because they were jealous about being left out of the script.  This led to slavery, murder, and a terrible Holocaust that some critics deny ever happening.

When the lead actor showed up, everything changed.  The chosen ones accused Him of being an imposter.  He even had the audacity to heal a woman from the enemy camp, an enemy that the Father wiped out in the first half of the movie.  The plot twisted and turned causing the target audience to boycott the movie.  Outsiders were invited to become stand-ins.

Newcomers from all walks of life were attracted to the movie the same way Happy Gilmore drew in large crowds of misfits to the golf world.  The antagonist in the movie was once a rising star and despised getting kicked off the movie set after He tried to re-write the script.  He started a smear campaign to keep people away from the movie about Jesus.  Sometimes, He shows up at movie theaters disguised as a movie goer.  He's that disruptive tall man or woman directly in front of you often talking on His cell phone.  He will do anything to ruin your movie experience.

For those having trouble understanding the movie, here's some cliff notes about the script to help you interpret the theme.  Although four different writers were used to write the script, each tells the story from his own camera angle.  Matthew, Mark and Luke depict their scenes from similar points of view while John relies on key close-ups the other three writers weren't privy to.  John also got invited to see a special engagement of the films sequel.  This final chapter is mentioned in the script and will be shot on the same location sometime in the future.

If you want to experience Jesus in 3D, get your advance tickets today.  They're free and everyone is invited.  Don't rely on a bad movie review from a disgruntled actor whose candle burned out long ago or the atheist who refuses to accept the script as reality-based.  Don't get stuck in the middle of the fight between believers who are splintered because they interpret the script differently.  Instead, experience Jesus in 3D for yourself and form your own opinions about who He is.  Should you choose to follow Him, there is a place in show biz just for you.  It may not be on the main screen but it's just as important so others can get a great movie experience.  Jobs include selling tickets, ushering, serving food and drinks, and clean-up.  There's even a job for the caveman once possessed by demons.  Jesus told him to become a publisher and tell everyone just how good it is to experience Jesus in 3D.

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