Monday, August 2, 2010

Who is the Greatest?

But the greatest among you shall be your servant- Matthew 23:11

The followers of Jesus questioned themselves about who was the greatest among them.  When Jesus got involved in the conversation, He told them that the one who serves is the greatest.

Many in our society feel that the world revolves around them.  They see others as pawns or slaves.  In God's eyes, the one who serves is actually the one who is the greatest. This coincides with God's commandment to love one another.  Loving one another requires us to take the focus off of ourselves and shift it to our neighbor.

Why not try going through a work week with the goal of serving others?  Don't tell anyone what you are doing, just do it and watch what happens in your life.

Remember this, you cannot outdo God in His generosity.  What you give to others, God will return to you in ways that you cannot even measure.  As you  work on becoming a  better servant, you will see your life become more Blessed.  Need a good role model for this?  Follow Jesus, He is the master at being the servant...

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