Monday, August 30, 2010

The Most Stressful Time of the Day

Researchers have identified 8:25 in the morning as the most stressful time of the day.  Families rush out the door to busy school and work days.  Traffic brawls and tension reaches it's peak.  How can we minimize the stress that is part of our morning?

Organize your day before you go to sleep.  De-clutterize your home.  Tune your radio to a Christian radio station.  Have that little talk with your inner voices and make sure that you become deaf to the voice of despair.  Spend five minutes doing some exercises to get your blood flowing.

Stressful situations will always be around us.  Decide as a family that you are not going to panic.  Work together and you can start each day on a good note.


Adelaide "Home Office Mommy" Zindler said...

Hey Mike,

You gave our family an amazing gift of time today and our reduced stress level is reflected in the laughter that is ushering us off to bed. How fitting that this post reflects that same heart of compassion. Thanks for being our friend!

Believe well!

Adelaide :)

Michael Mulligan said...

Laughter is such a blessing...glad I could be of assistance today. I appreciate your friendship as well.