Friday, August 20, 2010

Better Safe Than Sorry

 Good Shepherd, You have a wild and crazy sheep in love with thorns and brambles. But please don't get tired of looking for me! I know You won't. For You have found me. All I have to do is stay found." - Thomas Merton

When the atheists complain about the crucifix that is displayed above the hallway to my doctor's office, he tells them, "hey, it's better to be safe than sorry".  I would like to thank Dr. Jim Ricketts for allowing me to use his name on this blog.  He and his wife are not afraid to share their faith.  Over his years working with patients, he has witnessed cases that cannot be explained in human terms.

Dr. Ricketts at one time had X-rays from a patient showing a before and after look at a bone deformity that healed overnight after attending a special healing service.  When he sold part of his practice, all files were turned over including the patient who at one time had given permission to share her X-rays.

I was hoping to use these X-rays as part of my debate with my atheist tennis friend, Olivier.  The core of my position is based on faith which is difficult for a non-believer to understand.  I cannot explain how my conversion experience has transformed my life.  If you are on the outside looking in, I would like you to observe the fruit that has been produced in my life.

Gone from my life are all the rotten fruits that were once a part of me.  They have been replaced by new fruits, fertilized in fresh soil and watered by the Holy Spirit.  One of these fruits is this blog.  For 51 weeks, I have been publishing all the good that Jesus is doing in my life, one day at a time and one post at a time.  You have a choice to read these Spirit-inspired messages and share them with others, or ignore them.  I am only a middle-man with no special training or credentials, however, I have made a decision that I do not want to be sorry at the end of my life, when the Creator asks me how I used the gifts He Blessed me with.  How about you?  Is it better to be safe than sorry?...

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