Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Are You Infected?

Computer viruses have a way of hiding themselves.  Left unchecked, they can destroy everything that is stored on a hard drive.  Our souls can also be infected without our knowledge.  It took an act of God to get me to see that I was in need of some first aid for my soul.

A note of caution...if you attempt to perform this action, your soul's hard drive will never be the same.  I am referring to what happens when you ask the Creator to examine what is deep inside you and report what is uncovered.  I did not expect to find a demon living in the hidden part of my soul, it was a shocker to learn just how many viruses were revealed. 

The only way to keep your mind, body and soul safe from infection is to stay connected to the Creator.  When you stray beyond the boundaries, you will become susceptible to all kinds of worms and other viruses.  Don't be afraid to invite Jesus in.  He will make your soul white again, no matter how many infections He finds.

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