Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's 808 Today

I must admit to you that I have had many doubts about this blog thing ever really making a difference in the world when I first started nearly one year ago.  I deliberately made it hard to find so that you would not be able to discover it and read about all my failures.  At fifty years old, I still have plenty of failures ahead.  Now you are here, reading all about them and you keep coming back.

My friend, Pete, tells me that publishers start taking you seriously when you have an audience of over 10,000.  Why do I want a publisher?  The publishing world is changing so fast that self-publishing will one day be the norm as long as writers commit to high standards of excellence, including serious proofing and editing.  Publishers have marketing expertise and that is a good thing, however, I don't think there is a publisher out there that is more committed to promoting your book, than you, the writer.

I have finally accepted the fact that writing is what God wants me to do, every day.  I have embraced all of the tools that are available, thanks to the folks at Google, Facebook, Blogger and Createspace.  God's timing is perfect.  He created all of us to be here at this moment in time.  There has never been a better time to be a writer or a self-publisher.

That 808 that you see in my name stands for something.  The zero in the middle is me.  Without the eights that surround it, is is without value, meaningless.  When you rotate the numbers surrounding the zero by ninety degrees, you get something extraordinary...the alpha and the omega, that is, the symbols for infinity.   When you insert yourself into these symbols, you become connected to Jesus.  He is connected to the Father and the Holy Spirit.  He is also connected to everyone else on the planet, living and dead.

My life as a "zero" is over now.   I have meaning as long as I stay connected to the Alpha and the Omega.  Are you ready to give up your old number?  I promise, life will never be the same, even if you try to hide in a cave...been there, done that.  God has a way of finding you, even when you are lost and separated from others.  Trade in your number today and encourage others to do the same.  The world is waiting to see what you can do once you get a new number...

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