Monday, August 16, 2010

The Safe Zone Complex

How many times have you been told, "that idea will never work", or, "you will get yourself in a lot of trouble if you try that"?  Most of the people around us love us dearly and they do not want to see us fail.  For some, they realize that if you succeed with your ideas, it may force them to make changes in their lives that they are not comfortable with.  Asking you to give up on your dreams keeps  relationships safe.

I was fortunate that our start-up plans for Zoom were kept a secret from everyone.  The dream killers were out in full force once we launched and some even asked if it was too late to jump ship and return to the safety of my old job.  I was told repeatedly about the very low success rate of new businesses.

The lesson I learned about "safe zone complex" is that the people around you fear change so much that they will do everything to convince you that your ideas will fail; you need to avoid them at all costs.  Find new people who have succeeded at implementing an idea and get them to share their plan for success with you.  Be bold with your life and dream big.  The safe zone is the shallow end of the pool.  Maybe today is a good day to discover what is in the deep end?

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