Sunday, August 22, 2010

Going Deep

One of my tennis buddies gave me a fascinating book to read, something I can't put down.  If you haven't read the Shack, by William Paul Young, make sure to get a copy today.  The author has a special way of going deep to reach human emotions we often try to bury or cover up.

I am at a point now in my writing where I am confronting memories from my past.  It is like riding a roller coaster that won't stop.  At times, I wonder if I am about to lose my lunch.  The river of thoughts and emotions is flowing, filled with stage five rapids.  I have no life jacket to keep me from drowning should I be ejected.  My head is spinning.

Amidst the chaos of creative energy igniting within me, there is also some sense of peace.  I focus my mind on the end of the ride, the point where the final chapter has been written, re-written, edited, proofed and published.  I see you reading the pages and I am hopeful that you will find some sort of connection similar to what William Paul Young created when he released his novel to the world.

This connection that I am attempting to establish is not of this world.  The words that I type are not my own, they have been loaned to me by the Holy Spirit and they are to be given away for your benefit.  There is so much for me to learn in such a short period of time in order to become qualified to publish. 

As long as I am on this planet, I already know that my roller coaster ride will not end.  There will be short breaks between rides, however, my publishing days are just beginning...the first book is not even complete and I have already been inspired to start working on a second title.  I can assure you that I will be going deep, there is no other way to release what I tried to incarcerate from the outside world.   My soul will not be set free until I have finished the roller coaster ride.  There is plenty of room on this ride if you would like to join me.  There are days when I could benefit from a friend sitting next to me on this exhilarating journey.  Do you care to join me for a while?  Just sign the guest book or add your name to the list of followers at the right side of the blog.  I am thankful for all who keep encouraging me to press on, especially on those crazy turns and steep downhill descents...

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