Saturday, August 28, 2010

Non-verbal Communication

Any of us that have been parents or who have been married for a while, already know is not what you say that matters, but how you say it.  People around me say I have a poker face, meaning that I cannot hide anything.  Your body language tells the world what you are feeling on the inside.

If you are having a bad day, most likely, it is going to show on the outside.  Athletes who are under-performing have a way of dropping their shoulders or their head.  We do the same thing when our day is not going right.  So, how can you snap out of it?  This may sound a little crazy, but you need to excuse yourself and get in front of a mirror so you can have a conversation with yourself.

There are two inner voices that will want to talk back while you are locked in the bathroom.  This is what it looks like:

Self one:  "You idiot...what are we doing here, anyway?  You know this is a huge waste of time.  It's a bazillion degrees outside and getting hotter by the minute.  What a waste today is!"

Self two:  "Thanks for taking a break.  I needed to separate from the world for a while.  What hope is there to turn this day around?"

Outer self:  "As I look in the mirror, I know you each want to speak out.  I called you for a little conference because we are going to make some changes.  Self one, you need to take a little time out.  You are done talking for the rest of the day.  Self two, we are going to say a little prayer now and trust in the Holy Spirit to get us out of this mess.  Our body needs to hear from you loud and clear.  Are you ready?"

Self one:  "You fool, you are going to fail again aren't you?"


"Eyes, look in the mirror...head, straighten up.  What's up, shoulders?  Come on, look alive.  I am a unique creation, a child of God and I have a job to do today.  Face...are you ready to put on a smile that will brighten up the lives of others?  Do you see Christ in the people we will be meeting today?  Let's share that smile and turn this day around."

Note to outer not leave the bathroom until self one shuts up and self two is ready to be in charge.  Ready?  Now go out there and have the best day of your life.  Let your body show the world that you are on fire and ready no matter what self one tries to say...

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