Friday, July 1, 2016

Healthy Relationships are the Secret Sauce in Your Food Program

Are you failing at healthy eating?  Consider what's missing in your life that may be the source of your food troubles.  You may need to read between the lines of the restaurant menus for the solution.  Examine your relationships.  They are the secret sauce in your food program.  Are you suffering from loneliness or a broken heart?  Do you interact with people who encourage you?  If not, your life needs some spice.

It's almost impossible to modify your food program all by yourself or if you happen to be surrounded by people resistant to change.  I'm fortunate to have a supporting wife and a group of friends who are willing to consider the caveman food experiment as an alternative to the failed American diet.  I'm also thankful my mother and my siblings came to my side when I discovered my body was suffering from food related challenges.

I'm getting ready for the next phase of the caveman food experiment.  Patient XX recently joined our group and she will be reaching out for help once her doctors finish with their tests in August.  Asking Paige to eat mainly processed foods for the months leading up to her endoscopy is a torture worse than waterboarding and she feels isolated right now.  The twenty-five extra pounds she's carrying around aren't helping her well-being.  My hope is for the other lab rats in the group to surround her with hope and encouragement.  She can't wait for the fruits, veggies, nuts, beans and seeds and for the secret sauce the caveman support group will offer her.  Have a great day.

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