Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Where is Your Identity?

Are you struggling to find your identity?  I can relate.  My first identity crisis happened in the summer after 8th grade.  Most of my friends moved on to a different high school and I suddenly found myself alone in a strange new world.  As scary as it was, I made new friends and found new interests.  Then it happened again at graduation time – best friends became rivals and some disappeared off the radar for good.

Perhaps the greatest challenge anyone will ever face in the identity department has to do with parenting.  As rewarding as this role is, it's only temporary.  What happens when the last one leaves the nest?  Is your identity vacated?  Does your monetary worth as a person become devalued?

I found my permanent identity.  It has nothing to do with my circle of friends or the various hats I wear.  My identity is in Jesus Christ.  He's been there every time I struggled to find my identity.  My greatest hope is to always remember who is with me every day, every time, in every situation, without fail, no exceptions – Jesus.  The challenges don't disappear.  In fact, there are times when being a follower gets complicated.  I hope my actions help others see who I really am.  They always speak louder than words.  And if you need help taking the mask off, ask Jesus to give you an identity you can be proud of.  You are one in a billion.  Have a great day.

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