Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Have you ever seen a birthday cake like this?

I celebrated my 56th birthday cake yesterday with an unusual birthday cake.  My wife knew it would be a challenge to find something that fit my new lifestyle so she asked me to pick it out myself.  I roamed the aisles of my favorite home away from home and settled on the "cake" you see in the photo above.  It's actually a shrimp platter with a candle on top!  You may be thinking, what planet was this guy born on?  It's all part of a lab rat experiment set up ten months ago to eliminate health risks caused by eating birthday cakes and other processed foods which are the mainstay of the average American diet.  These items are off my plate for good, even birthdays.  No more eating anything with a label on the package. 

Here's a shot from my birthday barbecue.  The romaine lettuce is a great replacement for the bun and it doesn't cause my insides to inflame like the Pillsbury Doughboy.  My birthday cake was a big hit yesterday and I don't feel guilty having leftovers today.  Please stay tuned for more food ideas in future stories.  Have a great day.

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