Sunday, July 31, 2016

It's Heating Up for the Regional Championships

The weather forecast for next weekend's tennis championships in Oklahoma City is 100º every day with 50% humidity.  Most teams would be intimidated by the heat.  I say, "bring it."  Tennis is mostly a mental game.  I know the temperature is the same on both sides of the net and I refuse to let my dreams wilt just because Mother Nature is shooting fireballs out of her nostrils. 

We have our final team practice today before we depart for the playoffs on Wednesday.  The eight Midwest teams in the playoffs will be divided into two pools of four with a round robin format.  The top two teams in each pool will advance to the semis on Saturday and the finals will be played Sunday morning.  We have the opportunity to play as many as five team matches during our long weekend in Oklahoma.  We won't have many spectators watching us but they'll be cheering for us from their air-conditioned homes.  I'm super excited.  This is what I live for.  Have a great day.

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