Monday, July 18, 2016

How Trimming Your Belly Fat May Save You $6,000 or More Per Year

my shrimp birthday cake.
A lot of people laughed when I shared a photo of my birthday cake.  There wasn't any flour, sugar or fancy frosting.  In fact, the only thing resembling a birthday cake was the candle on top of my shrimp platter.  This is part of my plan to minimize my risk for future health problems including Type 2 Diabetes, cancer, heart attacks and strokes.  All of these diseases are linked to belly fat.  The same people who laughed at my birthday cake are the ones who are in denial about their belly fat.  "There's no hope for me," they say.  "It's genetic.  I may as well enjoy what I eat."  They won't want to read the next paragraph because they don't want to acknowledge how much their belly fat is going to cost them.  For those of you willing to live like no one else so you can really live like no one else, here goes...

Regardless of genetics, you can reduce your risk of almost every modern disease by trimming your body fat.  I'm thirty-three pounds lighter on average since I started eating like a caveman over ten months ago.  The real cost of those thirty-three pounds of belly fat is about $6,000 per year in future health care bills.  I think that number is actually a bit low since it only includes additional health care costs for treating diabetes and doesn't weigh in on the cost of treating patients with heart disease or cancer.  Did you know cancer cells love birthday cake?  I have a feeling cancer cells and all the other thugs they cohabitate with won't be accepting any future birthday celebrations at my place.  Too bad because I'm planning on celebrating many birthdays well into the 4th quarter of a long and happy life.  Have a great day.

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