Saturday, July 30, 2016

Writing a Book in 3 Trimesters

275 days.  That's nine months of preparation to launch my next book.  I hoped it would be sooner but I realized other events going on in my personal life needed more attention.  I made an important discovery about life along the way – if you don't pay attention to how you're living, you may not live long and prosper.  I was so fixated on completing my first novel that I forgot everything else important in my life.  I was headed to an early grave.  Not anymore.

Ask any parent with multiple children how each pregnancy is different and they will give you a variety of answers.  It's the same for authors.  Every book is different because every experience is different.  I'm hoping the wisdom I gained along the way will help me be better prepared for what's ahead in the next three trimesters.  The truth about this pregnancy is I'm not really writing a book, I'm living individual chapters that will be woven together with words.  This book has a purpose – to change lives.  All proceeds from this next book will be donated to Children's Hospital.  I'm going to be busy these next nine months but not too busy.  I hope you check in here to follow the story as it develops.  Have a great day.

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