Monday, July 11, 2016

I'm Having Robotic Surgery on 8/08

I'd like to introduce you to Da Vinci, the robot my surgeon will be using to repair my inguinal hernia on 8/08.  I'm the first patient scheduled at approximately 8:08 AM, four weeks from today.  I found a way to eliminate the bulge in my belly by eating like a caveman.  Unfortunately, another bulge showed up in my groin when I got a tear in my abdominal muscles, most likely from long hours pushing myself to my physical limits on the tennis courts.  Several months ago, my primary care physician recommended I schedule the outpatient surgery immediately to reduce any risks.  He was concerned when I told him I needed to wait until our tennis team won the state championship.  My surgeon assessed my situation and wished me luck on the tennis courts, telling me surgery could wait as long as I'm not in too much pain and the bulge is not incarcerated.  For me, missing out on the opportunity to be on the tennis courts with my team-mates during the regional playoffs in Oklahoma City, August 4th through the 8th, would feel like incarceration.

Our fairy tale tennis story continues.  We are now state champions.  Should we come out on top at the regional playoffs the weekend before my date with Da Vinci, my hope is to be 100% repaired and ready for nationals in So Cal on the weekend of 9/23 thru 9/25.  For those of you wondering if there will be a story posted at 8:08 on 8/08, don't worry.  I'll prepare my blog message in advance so I can remain asleep while my surgeon and Da Vinci work their magic.  I gave my doctor permission to video the surgery for those of you who may be interested in robotic surgery.  Have a great day.

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