Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Truth About Dying to Yourself

John understands what dying to yourself is all about.  It's not really about dying but living.  He means abundant living – beyond your wildest dreams.  I was so self-absorbed trying to do things my way I almost missed his point.  Imagine that moment when you discover you're going to be a parent for the first time.  You're nine months away from a new life.  The focus is no longer on you but on your new baby.  Everything changes.  Like it or not, that kid is increasing inside the womb.  Budgeting is the new reality.  Conflict ensues.  Decreasing is your new mantra.  You must decrease in order to make room for your baby.  Jesus is the same.  He needs space in your life.  And once you commit to him the transformation begins.  Your transformation.  It's HGTV on steroids.

I trust Jesus with all my home improvement plans.  He is the architect of my life.  He's the one who can rebuild the temple in three days.  I like how he keeps things simple.  To me, decreasing means serving others rather than myself.  If my master, the creator of the universe, can spend his last days washing feet, I think I can find a way to follow his example.  And there's something really joyful about serving others.  Try it.  Don't do it to make yourself look good, do it to give glory to the one who must increase.  Watch what happens to your world when he's in charge.  I promise, you will never ever want to go back to your old life.  Just ask any parent or any follower of Jesus.  Have a great day.

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