Monday, March 21, 2016

In Search of Contentment

There are three doors in front of you.  They represent your major decisions in life.  You're not sure which one leads to contentment.  Which do you choose?  Be careful with your answer.  Most will get it wrong.  They regret the door the opened.  The problem is with limiting beliefs.  Contentment is not limited to a specific door or choice.  It can be found in every choice you make and in every situation you experience.  It's not a location or a destination – it's a state of mind.  I found contentment far away from my comfort zone when all my assets were depleted and my only possession was hope.  Hope is the key to contentment.  It's a feeling of expectation for happiness to show up every time you open a new door regardless of what you find inside the room – even if the room appears to be empty.

Don't ever let anyone steal your key to contentment.  It's yours.  Take it with you wherever you go.  Have a great day.

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