Thursday, March 31, 2016

Bad Habit Busters

An object at rest tends to remain at rest and an object in motion tends to remain in motion.  They are simple rules of physics.  Habits, good or bad, also have rules that can be tough to change unless you're willing to exert effort.  The key is understanding what's needed to bust the bad habits hindering your forward progress.  Don't be afraid to get analytical.  Ready?

Ask yourself, is this the best way to accomplish my tasks?  It's like studying a river.  Why does it flow that way?  Is it because no one ever thought about reshaping it so it flowed more efficiently?  Unless someone comes in and paves a new course, that river is going to keep on meandering.  It will never change on its own.

Confront your bad habits.  Keep on asking yourself, is there a better way I can navigate through my to do list?  Should I change the list and add more productive tasks?  In fact, the best way to replace that bad habit is to try something new.  Your river of bad habits will fight you until you give your new habits a chance to become permanent.  Avoid changing everything at once.  Concentrate on one bad habit at a time.  Replace the bad habit with a new good habit and stay focused until the bad habit becomes nothing more than a distant memory.  Then move on.  Eventually you will be on cruise control and you will stay in motion all the way to the end of the river.  You will become the champion of the bad habit busters.  Have a great day.

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