Sunday, March 13, 2016

How to Give Your Goals Some Traction

Remember those New Year Resolutions you made two-and-a-half months ago?  Did any of them stick?  If not, perhaps today is a good day to re-visit them and get some traction going before the first quarter of the year ends.  Think about your goals in relationship to a football game.  What coach writes off a season just because the first quarter had a few too many false starts?  This is a great time to make some adjustments and start making forward progress.

I believe traction comes from passion.  If your heart isn't in the game, you flounder.  Maybe you're not having fun with your workouts or your food program is so boring that temptation for the unhealthy foods kicks in and becomes irresistible?  Find your heart for the game of life.  Review the game film from your past and look for patterns that need new play calls.

My health and fitness goals are now in high gear.  I'm an official member of Iowa City's men's 4.0 traveling tennis team.  For me, when passion and traction meet, the fireworks go off.  I find myself surrounded by a group of men who know how to have fun with their fitness goals.  They understand traction and they have big goals for the post-season.  I already know I need to step it up if I don't want to be left behind in the mud.  Just remember, find the passion and your goals will have all the traction they need.  Have a great day.

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