Thursday, March 10, 2016

Happy Wife Helps with Happy Life

Today is happy wife day in my household.  It started with her world-famous Mulligan smoothie just before sunrise.  Then, our local plumber stopped by to get our heater working properly, replace a couple of faucets and restore our water pressure which decreased due to some corrosion in the water heater pipes.  He installed a new faucet I found on that was discounted 50%.  Fifteen minutes after his departure, our water shop people arrived with a fully restored used water softener they sold at a bargain price.  The finishing touches on happy wife, happy life day, star date 26 yrs.7 months.10 days, will be an amazing barbecue complete with 6 ounce steaks, asparagus, and grilled potatoes.  A glass of California cabernet savignon will be waiting for her upon her arrival just before sunset on happy wife day.  Is my life happy?  You can ask Mrs. Caveman.  Have a happy life.

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