Monday, July 6, 2015

Resistence to Debt is Hard and Necessary but Not Futile

My nightmare is almost over now.  I falsely believed for many years that resistance to debt was futile.  Everywhere I look I see people already assimilated.  They are broken.  They live only to service their debts.  Paying interest is a way of life.  It appears to be deeply embedded in our culture.  There is a way out.  It's hard and necessary.  Freedom from debt bondage has a price.  You must be willing to live like no one else so you can live like no one else.  Look in the mirror and see what you are attached to that's causing you to be trapped.

It may help if you consider what all those clever marketers really are – they're Borgs who want to ensnare you forever.  They hypnotize you and put you in a trance with offers of brand new cars for no money down or new cell phones with amazing gadgetry that appear to be free.  They thrive by sucking you in and convincing you that you need to upgrade every two years or you will be left behind.

Wake up.  Fight back.  Resist.  Downgrade your TV plan.  Cut the chord.  Pay cash for everything.  Stay away from contracts that get you deeper into debt.  You can win this fight.  Have a great day.

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