Saturday, July 18, 2015

21 Day Countdown to Financial Freedom

Getting into debt was a habit.  A very bad one.  The good news is new habits can be formed in as few as twenty-one days.  I'm on my twenty-one day countdown to credit card independence.  I like the new habits I'm forming.  They're turning into a new life.  The newest habit I added this week is in the fitness category.  There's a tennis group that meets a couple of times a week.  The fee is only four dollars for one hour of indoor tennis.  The drop-in doubles program is open to any male over age 55.  If you win, you stay in.  Lose and you rotate out.  My goal is to participate once a week.  This new habit breaks down to .53/day, an investment low enough to keep me physically fit without giving up financial fitness.

Take a look at the habits in your life that may be hurting your pursuit of happiness.  Kick the bad ones and introduce new habits that benefit you.  Have a great day.

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