Sunday, July 26, 2015

Celebrate Life

One of my buddies at my day job commented yesterday, "you're having a great day."  I nodded in agreement.  The celebration started days earlier when I headed to the indoor tennis courts on my day off.  Names and specifics are withheld for privacy reasons.  Let's just say I have an acute awareness of something I refer to as "the takeaway."  During negotiations, a takeaway is used to increase leverage because you're showing the other side how life will be without something of value if you walk away.  This increases a thousand fold when the takeaway involves a loved one.  This is what I experienced in my inner circle.  The loss would have been permanent.  This special person in my life came as close to death as one can go without returning.  Then the miracle happened.  She came back.  Pardon me if I can't restrain myself from the all the joy I feel inside when our paths cross.  I'm just plain grateful.  Have an outstanding day.  Celebrate life.

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