Tuesday, July 14, 2015

808 is Date with Destiny

25 days to go.  My eyes are fixed on the calendar.  808.  It's my freedom from credit card debt day.  The celebration was put on hold due to circumstances beyond my control but I never lost hope.  I'm the guy who woke up one morning nearly seven years ago to a face covered in pimples.  The blemishes came to the surface all at once.  I tried everything to restore my financial complexion.  The breakout was related to out-of-control credit card spending.  The only way to get rid of my ugly zits was to remove credit cards from my diet.  I kept telling myself, "I'm too old for blackheads."

The road to recovery has been long.  808 is really only the first baby step in my debt recovery plan.   It took almost seven years to advance past the crawling stage.  Ouch!  That's a lot of years of playing army soldier in my debt war.  The truth is I almost didn't make it.  Others urged me to declare bankruptcy and walk away.  End of story.  Move on.  I resisted the temptation.  Now there's only one more pimple to go.  Come back on 8/08 and I'll share more.  At 55, I'm finally ready for my date with destiny.  Have a great day.

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