Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Debt Reduction Tip of the Day – Cell Phone Savings

The smartest cell phone plans aren't the ones your provider promotes.  I discovered a great money saving idea while on a chat session with my customer service rep.  She was pushing the next latest and greatest phone.  I was looking to go in the opposite direction.  Mary Lou surprised me with a $25/month reduction.  It doesn't happen automatically – you must ask for it.  Here's how it works:
  1. Get in touch with your provider and find out when your contract is up for renewal.  Put that date on your calendar.  Do not renew your contract.  You must resist all temptations to upgrade.  When your contract expires, call your cell phone company and ask to go on a month-to-month plan.
  2. Remind your provider that your phone is paid in full.  A portion of your monthly agreement is applied to the cost of your phone.  It takes two years for your provider to recoup the full cost of your phone.  They will keep charging you the same fee upon expiration unless you ask for the discount.
  3. Notify your provider that you're going shopping with the competition if you can't get your bill reduced.  Insist on a month-to-month arrangement.  They will find a way to help you.
Debt reduction is serious business.  I'm disappointed my "Financial Independence Day" has been postponed but I'm feeling good about crossing the finish line soon and I'll keep sharing my debt reduction tips on the road to financial independence.  Please share this money-saving idea with a friend.  Have a great day.

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