Thursday, July 16, 2015

How to Shrink Your Uncertainties

Are your uncertainties hampering your future?  If they have such a stronghold on you that you feel frozen, please try a new approach.  Think of uncertainty as a stranger you don't know.  Everything about him is unpredictable.  He may seem suspicious, unreliable and risky.  You have no track record of performance with this stranger so you may keep your distance.   You need to get to know this character.  Study the patterns.  Be bold.  Embrace uncertainty in your life.

Uncertainty doesn't like it when you move forward.  I imagine uncertainty as a chess opponent.  I make my move and then wait for the counter-move.  As the game progresses, pieces are sacrificed on both sides.  It makes the game less complicated because uncertainty is exposed.  If you lose, start over the next day and remember all of the other side's moves.  The more you play the game, the more the moves become predictable and the easier it is to win.  Keep shrinking your uncertainties until you become a chess master.  Uncertainty will no longer be a stranger in your life.  Have a great day.

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