Monday, July 13, 2015

Midlife: Crisis or Opportunity?

No wonder everyone calls it the "midlife crisis."  Look at all the labels – empty nest, the wrong side of forty, over the hill.  These same people fail to mention the finest wine is served after it ages.  Or how the best mentors are those who lived through some extraordinary life challenges.  Aren't the most exciting minutes of a sporting event played in the last inning or quarter?  Athletes train all their lives to beat the buzzer when the game is on the line.  I'm calling it like I see it and it's a midlife opportunity.

Something amazing happened in the Wimbledon Finals yesterday.  Two old people with a combined age of 76 won the mixed doubles crown in just 41 minutes.  Everyone wrote Martina Hingis off when she was banned from professional tennis for two years after testing positive for cocaine.  She will be celebrating her 35th birthday in a couple of months in style with not one but two Wimbledon titles.  That's what happens when you believe the best is yet to come.

Enjoy your challenges.  Turn them into opportunities.  It's okay to look at the clock once in a while to see it's still ticking.  Just make sure you use every remaining minute wisely and when the universe calls your name late in the game, show the world what you're made of and remember one thing – use the gifts you were given.  Have a great day.

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