Sunday, May 17, 2015

Are You Feeling Anxious About Tomorrow?

I have a feeling writers aren't the only ones who have conflict issues about tomorrow.  Are you with me on this one?  Today is the day that Jesus left his followers and disappeared in the clouds.  They felt lost and alone.  Jesus promised them a gift – the Holy Spirit who would help them overcome their anxiety about the future.  This gift is free to anyone who asks.  This is my secret weapon for dealing with what's ahead, real or imagined.

Yesterday turned out to be a "ten" for me and for my wife.  It didn't start that way.  My daughter was graduating from college and I found myself in the middle of a giant traffic jam at the University of Iowa.  Thousands of cars were backed up waiting for pedestrians to cross the streets and I wondered, how am I going to find a place to park?  Will we be there on time to see our daughter walk?  Will we be able to find her when it's over if she's not carrying her cell phone?  Will our son find us on time?

My wife picked up on my nervousness.  "Calm down," she said.  "Everything's going to be fine.  We're sitting in section M."  I took my seat and scanned the empty seats below to find how the sections were marked.  We weren't even close to her section.  The clock was ticking.  My wife poked me and said, "turn around."  There they were.  The graduates.  I saw spotted our daughter with her white tassel on her cap and watched her descend the stairs to her seat in the first row.  She was sitting in the front row!

Storm clouds passed over us during the ceremony.  I couldn't resist thinking about how we were going to get drenched on our way back to our car somewhere in the back forty.  My daughter looked at me with a big smile on her face.   "These clouds make the lighting perfect for photos," she said.  I pulled out my cell phone and captured some great shots.  We walked back to our car and got in just as the Heavens opened up.  I said to myself, God's got this.  No more worrying.   The exclamation point came from my wife this morning when she shared this quote from the Bible...

Do not be anxious about tomorrow, tomorrow will look after itself. ~ Matthew 6:34

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