Friday, September 5, 2014

Why the Truth is Distorted

Even from your own number men will arise and distort the truth in order to draw away disciples after them ~ Acts 20:30

We live in a fallen world.  The power seekers will do anything to gain fame and fortune.  Lurking in the shadows is the greatest truth distorter of all times.  He was created to reflect light, God's light.  It went to his head.  He thought he was the light.  Now he spends eternity turning people away from the source of the light.  If he can tell 99% of the truth to get you to buy a 1% lie, he will.  People of all faiths have been duped.  The chosen ones recognized Jesus as someone who could disrupt their own power and they crucified him.  Christians battle Christians over who is right and who is wrong.  Muslims believe Mary conceived a son without an earthly husband but don't recognize Jesus as God.

There is only one way all the distortions will be uncovered.  Jesus will return to set the record straight.  The Evil One will lose his power.  If anyone tells you that you are not worthy, agree with them.  It's impossible to earn your way into Heaven.  Tell them that when you knock on the door to Heaven, Jesus will open it for you – not because your light shines like no other, but because you are willing to reflect God's light shining upon you and follow Jesus.  Go to the source of the light.

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