Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Difference Between a Quitter and Someone Persistent

The dream persists.  Five years ago it was more of a nightmare.  My retirement savings account bottomed out.  My cash reserves tanked.  And the creditors were relentless in their pursuit of debt collections.  My road to financial freedom looked like a dusty path with nothing but a mirage teasing me to keep going.  The easy way out would have been bankruptcy.  The irony of my situation is that I'm not the one who gave up.  Many of my creditors got tired of me saying, "I can't pay you yet.  Hold on.  I'm going to try just a little bit longer.  I might be able to figure this out."  They sold out their interests and moved on.  They quit.

Others questioned my tactics.  "Why are you choosing to pay some but not me?"  They could see from my credit report that I was trying but not hard enough in their eyes.  I found hope in fair debt collection laws.  My adventures dealing with unsavory debt buyers may turn into a future book once I fully recover and get back on my feet.  I know the feeling of those thousands of tiny moments when I say, "I'm going to try just a little bit longer."  They really do add up to a dream fulfilled.  Persistence is worth it.  Dreams deserve it.

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